A tale of rolling hills, reeling villagers, renegade kobolds, and roaring dragons.

Wherein we meet up with our group of daring adventurers…

After a long hard journey as caravan guards, Delbert the Ranger and Shaymis the Warrior find themselves awakened in the night by the sounds of fighting and screaming. Peeking out from the barn loft they were sleeping in they find the town of Greenest aflame and under attack by kobolds and cultists. To make matters worse, there appears to be a dragon doing strafing runs on the various buildings. Refugees are fleeing in all directions and rampant looting appears to be the agenda for the evening.

They emerge in the light of flickering fires consuming the inn where they had shared a meal earlier that evening. A family comes charging around the corner with 3 children in tow. The mother turns to face off against an unseen foe coming from behind while the injured father limps toward the relative safety of the intact barn.

Quick to action, our dashing heroes leap to the woman’s aid, only to watch her cut down almost instantly. With the sounds of children screaming for their mother assaulting their ears, they work quickly to avenge the slain woman. The margin for victory was slim indeed as they were quite outnumbered – but the companions are triumphant in the end.

After hiding the family in the un-burned barn, they hear a gruff battle cry as the upper window of the inn is blown outward by a flying armoire. First a gnome comes sailing out into the waiting arms of the unwilling rescuers.

The Gnome rises and bows gallantly, affecting a deep bow to his rescuers, “Wembley Lymricker, at your serv-”.

He is interrupted by a crashing and clattering as the dwarf plummets to the ground amidst a pile of equipment.

“Don’ anyone help the Dwarf! He’ll be fine….” <mumble>

Braune Battlehammer glares around, positively incensed at the erstwhile benefactors, while he gathers his plethora of weapons and begins strapping and tucking equipment into astonishing places.

“The widower in the barn says they were told to get to the Keep in the center of town.” Delbert offers, “But I’m afraid he and his kids have no stomach for sneaking through the tumult.”

“We must away er we are caught in the streets by the marauders.” Shaymis opines.

“Bring ’em on! I prefer a straight up fight!” Braune growls, brandishing an immense hammer to compliment his surname.

The company of 4 encounters some resistance in their journey through the suburbs and manages to attain the Keep as the guards are trying to close the gate – helping them to stave off a last feint by the attackers.

In short time, it becomes apparent that the dragon does not appear to be all that enthusiastic about its attacks and the invaders are not really interested in anything more than keeping the civilized folk bottled up in their keep.

The party is approached by Governor Nighthill with an appeal for help. The grain mill appears to be under attack and the town’s food supply is in danger.

[Note to others who want to run the campaign – this is most definitely not the right “first mission” to run as it is an organized ambush – and since the characters have not really done anything to upset the raiders much, why would they organize an ambush?]

A dwarf Cleric that was assisting with the refugees in the keep offers to help save the grain mill. This is where Gernsey joins the throng.

Next time we learn of the happenings on the way to and then at the grain mill. As well we meet up with an elfin Wizard who then proceeds to call his shot… twice… and completely obliterates an encounter that should have been quite a lot more difficult. Good times.


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